About Us

With a deeply rooted entrepreneurial culture, bottomless pool of talent and  strong infrastructure and governmental support, Israel is a recognised global leader of innovation and disruption, second only to Silicon Valley.

Israel has also established itself as a leader in financial innovation, at the forefront in areas such as cyber security, big data analytics, AI and blockchain technology. With a relatively small domestic population, Israeli entrepreneurs build their ideas with a global outlook. This is particularly pertinent with collaboration, partnership and mergers an integral tenant of fintech.

Already a globally renowned centre for financial services, the UK is also a world leading fintech hub, with high growth firms attracting more than £4.5bn over three years, according to a recent Tech Nation report. Leading fintech body Innovate Finance says that the UK fintech sector is expected to employ a total of 100,000 by 2030. This year, London will be home to as many fintech ‘unicorns’ as current global leader San Francisco. With a thriving fintech ecosystem, international talent pool and financial services sector, the UK is playing a pivotal role in the global fintech space.

In 2018, Gibraltar had the third highest GDP per capita of any country in the world. This has been fuelled in the main by Gibraltar’s innovative legislative and regulatory initiatives that mean that over 60% of all European online gaming  transactions emanate from Gibraltar, and over 20% of all UK vehicles are insured in Gibraltar. More recently, Gibraltar introduced the first DLT regulatory framework in the world and is now firmly established as the world’s primary DLT jurisdiction. 

Bringing together these three prominent hubs, TriTech provides a network for the leading players of these three jurisdictions. It is a platform to facilitate and encourage collaboration, cooperation and partnerships. It is a place where players can share ideas, best practices and identify synergies and ways to work together.